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A great option for first time parents or those that want more support and resources as well as birth photography.



($500 Non-refundable retainer due upon booking. Remaining balance due by 36 weeks)


 Unlimited Support

Allow your pregnancy journey to be as stress free as possible with 24 hour on call doula support. 

Prenatal Planning

THREE prenatal meetings prior to your birth. One of which will be

with your provider so your entire birth team will have a chance

to connect prior to you birth.

What to expect during these meetings:

  • Discuss your upcoming birth preferences and everything you hope will be a part of that day 

  •  Work through any worries, fears, or concerns about your birth experience

  • Preparation of your birth plan 

  • Practice comfort measures, breathing techniques, and different labor and birth positions 

  • Discuss your postpartum period to ensure you have a good plan to make it a positive postpartum experience

    • Discuss mental health during postpartum​

  • Discuss infant feeding (breast or bottle feeding), infant sleep, diapering, and other infant care topics.

  • Provide any resources for pelvic floor therapy, lactation consulting, chiropractic care, etc that you might need

TBC Education Series

Comprehensive childbirth education, labor, and postpartum preparation designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence you need to navigate this exciting journey with ease and readiness.


As a Thrive Birth Co client, you will have access to:

  • Exclusive TBC birth and postpartum planning workbooks

  • Labor essentials

    • TENS machine

    • Massage tools 

    • Rebozo

    • Birth balls

    • Handheld fan

    • Diffuser with essential oils for labor

    • Hot/cold packs

    • Bluetooth speaker 

    • Birth space decor

      • twinkle lights
      • battery powered tea light candles

      • affirmation cards

    • And much more..​​

Birth Photography

I will photograph your birth, as much as desired. You will receive up to 50 edited images, delivered to a secure, password protected, online gallery within 2 weeks of your birth.

Birthing Day Support

As soon as your contractions start, call me! Whether you choose to birth at home or a birth center.

  • In person, emotional and physical support.

    • Physical comfort through techniques such as counter pressure and massage 

    • Emotional reassurance through encouragement and affirmations

    •  Guidance with positioning and movement​

  •  Guidance and support for your birth partner

  •  Spotify birth playlist that can be customized to your preferences

 Because birth is unpredictable, my support comes with no additional fees or time restrictions. I will stay with you for up to TWO hours after your little one is born to assist with the first latch (if breastfeeding), preparing or picking up a meal (depending on time of day), taking pictures of your family with your new addition, and just making sure you have everything you need to begin a beautiful postpartum journey. 

Birthday Gift for Baby

A personalized birthday gift for your little one's big day.


 Postpartum Visit

ONE postpartum follow up visit where we get to chat about and celebrate your baby’s birth and your birth experience! During this visit you will receive:

  • Assistance with newborn feeding, sleep, and any other new parent questions.

  • Discuss any references for providers that you might need for you or baby.

  • Grocery /food pick up (if desired)

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